Glommersträsk Hembygdsförening

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Welcome to Glommersträsk!

In Hängengården we show one of the finest old homesteads of Lapland with twelve timbered houses and about 2000 articles for every day use from the old pioneer and farmers culture.

Which tools were needed to create a future for themselves and their descendants in the wilderness?

Young people were obligated to cultivate the stony land and build their houses.

In Glommersträsk and other small villages nearby you can study the conditions fot the Swedish colonisation of Lapland.

In 1749 there was a law stating that if you moved to this area in Sami land, you were excused from serving in war and paying taxes for many years.

The first settler to this village came in the spring of 1757.

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Welcome to Glommersträsk!